• Assisted in organizing the Golden Age Ambassador Climate & Conservation Program with the Golden Age Foundation, aiming to educate adults aged 45 or above regardign the challenge of climate change
  • Echoed the Rise for Climate Campaign around the world. Invited typhoon Haiyan survivor John Leonard Chan to come to Hong Kong to share his personal story, calling for the government and public to take action to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Organized our first Climate Leadership Camp at Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp on 20-21 October. With 47 secondary 3-6 students participating, the camp aimed to equip them with basic knowledge of climate change and nurture future pioneers in fighting the problem.


  • Premiere of “Uprising”, Episode 8 of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 2) at the University of Hong Kong with discussion conducted by various government and public figures
  • North Pole Marathon fundraising by Hong Kong residents Diarmuid O’Shea and Elina Makilammi
  • Launched Global Divestment Mobilization Campaign at 5 Hong Kong universities
  • Set up July 1st Rally street booth to promote climate change
  • Premiere of Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” at Festival Grand Cinema, followed by discussion in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong


  • Climate Challenge to all Legislative Council candidates launched with bomb balloon parade in collaboration with the production of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 2)
  • Published survey results of the Climate Challenge, highlighting four overwhelmingly supported actions by Legislative Council candidates and submitted them to the government
  • Produced 15 episodes of full-featured online program, Hotwar 350, focusing on latest climate change issues with guest speakers from various sectors


  • Conducted the Ride-Forrest-Ride interview for US cyclist, Forrest Watkins, for his two-year round the world bike campaign to combat global warming
  • Joint forum with GAIA of Chinese University Hong Kong on latest status of climate change
  • Organized the Hong Kong Global Climate March with over 600 participants in support of Paris COP21


  • Premiere of Dry Season, Episode 1 of Years of Living Dangerously (Season 1) at the City University of Hong Kong followed by discussion


  • Joint petition with Clean Air Network to call for legislation to eliminate dated diesel commercial vehicles
  • Front page coverage on our activities and dedication towards climate change on Sing Pao Daily News.

Since 2010

  • Over 50 articles published on various newspapers and online platforms
  • Over 100 public talks and seminars delivered to local institutions, universities and secondary schools
  • Over 40 media interviews made on the topic of climate change