Visitors to Rep Brownley’s Offices Ask Her to Co-Sponsor Green New Deal Resolution

A coalition of climate organizations met with staff of Representative Julia Brownley asking for support for the Green New Deal Resolution

On Thurs., Feb 7, a group of 14 people from 350 Ventura County Climate Hub and other environmental groups met with staff at Congresswoman Julia Brownley’s Oxnard office in the Oxnard Transportation Center. We were there to voice our support for the Green New Deal as part of a nationwide action by to pressure Congress.

Brownley’s staff person, Ashley Orozco, invited comments from all attendees on their reasons for supporting the Green New Deal, and took notes to give to the representative.

Margot Davis requested a townhall meeting in Oxnard or Ventura on the Climate Crisis, and also suggested that Rep. Brownley write a letter to her voters about her position on the GND.

At the meeting, we learned that Rep. Brownley has been named to the Select Committee on the Climate Emergency that same day. This makes our work even more important. Staying in contact with the congresswoman, and reminding her of the importance of the climate crisis to her constituents will be vital during her term.

A note for those interested in visiting the Oxnard office: it’s necessary to set an appointment as the Oxnard office doesn’t have regular staff. Staff came in from her other office to meet with us.

Last week 350 Conejo & San Fernando Valley group visited Rep. Brownley’s Newbury Park office.

Here’s how to contact Rep. Brownley’s California offices to set up appointments:  Phone: (805) 379-1779

Alan Weiner (blue 350 shirt) leads the visit to Rep Brownley’s Newbury Park office to deliver thousands of petitions asking for cosponsorship of GND resolution.

In a media release, Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA) released the following statement:

“This Committee’s work could mean the difference between a safe and healthy future for our
children and grandchildren and one where our planet, our economy, and our security are under
unrelenting and catastrophic threat. As a long-time champion for protecting our environment,
supporting investments in clean, renewable, and sustainable energy, and preventing anti-
environmental policies, I am honored to be appointed to this important Committee and will be
laser-focused on addressing climate change before it is too late.”

We need to hold her to that.

Rep. Brownley’s local offices:

Thousand Oaks, CA Office     
223 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 220
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360  

Oxnard, CA Office
201 East Fourth Street, Suite 209B  (2nd floor of the Oxnard Transportation Center)
Oxnard, CA 93030


Ventura County Calls on Congress to Enact a Carbon Tax

On Tuesday, December 11, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution calling upon Congress to “expeditiously enact a revenue neutral carbon tax to combat global warming”, and supporting legislation that contains no immunity or exemptions for fossil fuel producers. Supervisors Long and Foy voted against the resolution.

The county becomes the first in Southern California to support the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) proposal for a federal Carbon Fee and Dividend Program. Fourteen other counties in Northern California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, New York, Utah, and Wisconsin as well as over 100 cities.

As  lead sponsor of the resolution, Supervisor Steve Bennett spoke about how it builds on the momentum of the county’s progress toward local green energy and towards a strong Climate Action Plan. In a slide presentation he clarified features of CCL’s policy proposal:

  • It is the opposite of a ‘command and control’ program. It does not ‘force’ changes. It is a ‘market-based mechanism’ that works to correct a distorted price throughout the economy because fossil fuels are subsidized by taxpayer dollars and do not pay for the pollution they cause.
  • It is more favorable to low-income people than most other carbon pricing plans.
  • It raises prices steadily on whatever depends on fossil fuels, but it is inherently flexible in that it returns all revenue to households so everyone can invest in the best adjustments for them.
  • It provides a long-range window for forecasting and planning for small businesses as well as unleashing American technology innovation and ingenuity.
  • It stimulates the economy with an increase in GDP, creates more jobs, improves air quality, and reduces health care costs.
  • The French carbon tax that the people are protesting does not distribute the revenues to the people like CCL’s plan does.
  • Carbon pricing failed to get public support in France because it became a financial burden on households.
  • The way to prevent that is to return all the revenue to people, and that’s what a revenue neutral carbon tax policy does. The French made an unfair carbon tax design.
  • Fairness to low-income people is a feature of CCL’s policy.

Supervisor Bennett showed polling data that 68 per cent of people in Ventura County want to see a carbon tax on fossil fuel companies. Supervisor John Zaragoza brought to the Board’s attention that HR 7173 was recently introduced in the US House of Representatives by a group of Republicans and Democrats. Entitled the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, it would return a climate dividend payment to the pockets of all Americans.

Supervisor Linda Parks asked that the resolution include that any legislation to put a price on carbon should not exempt current federal Clean Power Plan regulations or give immunity for the damages caused by the burning of fossil fuels. She did not want to appear to be supporting a carbon tax proposal advocated by fossil fuel companies that includes exemptions and permanent immunity. Supervisor Bennett answered the concerns expressed by Supervisor Kelly Long about double taxation and conflict with state policies in that this policy would improve and not conflict with state carbon pricing policies.

In public comment Dr. Richard Elsley, leader of the Conejo Valley Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby clarified that actually 97.5% of scientists agree that climate change is real and caused by human activity. Kimberly Rivers, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas commented that while Western States Petroleum advocates a sustainable energy future that appears to mean that they want to sustain pollution of the atmosphere by fossil fuels.

Jan Dietrick, Ventura CCL Chapter Leader asked 15 supporters to stand, saying there are over 500 CCL members throughout the county. She said those interested in learning more about CCL can go to and that organizations and community leaders who want to endorse the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, can do so at


Volunteer to Promote CA Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice

Join the team working on Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice goals for a better world by tabling with local RISE organizers. Contact Amber Bassett at [email protected]  or message Amber on Facebook. Join us flyering and tabling at events throughout Ventura County.

Rise Ventura HANDOUT for volunteers is a DIY 4×5 handout that cuts into 4 per page. Print double-sided or the front works by itself or you can put anything else you want to put on the back.

There are different approaches for different personalities and styles for talking to strangers. Some prefer what organizers call “Tabling”.

This is called ‘Tabling’.

This is ‘Flyering’.

Some have an easy time just walking through crowds smiling and handing a flyer, i.e. “Flyering”.

These girls are ‘Canvasing’ to engage people on the street.

People who want to stretch their limits will ask permission to stand outside of public places and do “Canvassing” with or without a petition, clipboard for signups, or a hat for donations.

Whatever way someone is able to participate, it will likely leave lifetime memories about these historic events and bring new friends, support, inspiration and understanding about what the present human condition is asking of us.

Front of 4×5 Handout                                                                                           Back of Handout


Here is the PDF Master for making copies to cut into four handouts to give to friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors, or people standing in line at the cash register:

Rise Ventura HANDOUT for volunteers

Events Take Action Volunteer

Bus with Us to San Francisco’s March for Climate Jobs & Justice


Two comfortable Charter Buses are reserved for a 24 Hour round trip from Ventura to San Francisco. Help make this the biggest climate action in history on the West Coast and have an unforgettable time.

Take part in street art, music, chants and merriment. Sliding scale charter bus tickets: $20, $50, $85 and $100. TICKETS AVAILABLE ON EVENTBRITE PAGE: RISE FOR CLIMATE MARCH SAN FRANCISCO:

This march powers the demand for a just, equitable and a resilient 100% renewable energy economy that rapidly expands economic opportunity, creates family sustaining jobs, and protects vulnerable communities, workers, and future generations.

Depart from Unitarian-Universalist Church of Ventura on Ralston 12:30 AM. Leave from San Francisco around 4 pm and get back to Ventura late that night, i.e. early early on Sunday, Sep 9, 2018, around 12:30 AM.

Buy tickets here

Come to the RISE ART FOR CLIMATE tour stop on August 25 to make signs, banner flags and be part of the team that will lay out a street mural representing Ventura and its rise from the disaster of the Thomas Fire that we want to be part of the street murals to be painted on September 8.


Art Making & Concert with David & The Peace Poets on Tour

350 Artivist Director David Solnit is leading art-builds in CA cities to prepare for the Rise for Climate March in San Franciso, September 8.



In this 12 minute video reknowned artivist David Solnit explains why art helps the climate movement and how he works with groups to tell their stories with art:


3-5 pm RISE ARTS training and production of signs and banners with David Solnit on tour (all materials provided!)
5 pm David will teach us how to make a street mural to bring to San Francisco for the big March on September 8
Bring some snack of supper supper, OR, bring something to share for potluck buffet with your plate and fork; we’ll at least have beans, rice, & homemade kombucha and lemonade for all.
7:30-9 pm The Peace Poets on tour for RISE ARTS will do an outdoor concert preparing us with songs and chants about rising for climate, jobs and justice.

The Peace Poets on RISE Arts for Climate California Tour will stop in Ventura and Isla Vista on August 25 and 26.


  3. VOLUNTEER AT THE RISE ARTS EVENT: We need help directing people to parking, greeting and explaining what’s happening where on the property, maintaining the refreshment room, hanging out with The Peace Poets, helping David with the sign making.
  4. BUY YOUR TICKET ON CHARTER BUS TO SAN FRANCISCO HERE: Sliding scale round trip tickets from $20 to $100.
  5. VOLUNTEER FOR THE BUS RIDE by email to Bus Captain Amber Bassett at [email protected]
  6. Be part of the Ventura Rise Arts Street Mural Team. Be trained with the team how to literally hit the ground with chalk to layout a design that tells our story.

The purpose of the RISE ARTS CALIFORNIA TOUR is to mobilize for the historic Rise for Climate Jobs and Justice March in SF. Stopping Ventura on 8/25 and in Isla Vista on 8/26 touring artivists will lead sign, flag and banner-making (all materials provided) and how to plan, coordinate, and paint a street mural in preparation for helping paint the world’s largest street mural in SF on 9/8. Touring with long-time artivist from the Bay Area David Solnit are The Peace Poets, the foremost grassroots movement song group from the Bronx, NY, with roots in the immigrant rights movement, sharing and teaching their mix of singing, hip hop, and spoken word for a better world.

If you can’t make the Art-Maker Event, here is a Rise Arts Toolkit with design ideas for DIY signs and flags for YOU  to bring to San Francisco to March for Climate Jobs and Justice on Sept 8.

The Ventura street mural training will be in The Bugfarm parking lot next to the oil well just across the bike trail. The Peace Poets will perform a little later in the driveway down from where the mural layout activity. Parking is therefore limited near The Bugfarm.

Here’s David painting a street mural with friends.