We are building a local climate movement to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and grow a local food system. Our vision is just and resilient communities in Ventura County.…

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

Join 350 Ventura County Climate Hub

Meetings 3rd Thursday of the Month at Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, 5654 Ralston St. in Ventura.
Enter at the rear of the church.

Meeting 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Networking until 9pm.

Draft Final Recommendations for VC2040

[Temporary explanatory note:  There was a recommendation here for a Public Bank to fund climate programs in this #1 spot. In consultation with a few people, Jan concedes that it risks being a source of confusion or distraction at this


County Must Help Replace Gas Stoves to Reduce Air Pollution


We appreciate the mitigation to prohibit natural gas infrastructure in new residential and commercial projects. However, to be right in addressing the added impact of vulnerability to Covid-19 and Environmental Justice, there must be a program to replace gas …