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Sign and share the Climate Coalition Petition

Join us in asking the Ventura County Board  of Supervisors to include strong leadership to implement all climate programs. 

To make comment on this for the VC2040 General Plan, email to Susan Curtis <[email protected]> no later than Monday, August 31, 3:30 p.m.. 

PETITION:  To support all 40 of the recommendations from the 350 Climate Coalition including these about pesticides, sign the  Petition to the Supervisors:  CLICK HERE

INSTRUCTIONS:  To comment to the Supervisors during the September 1 hearing or ahead of time by email: CLICK HERE.

Join a coalition of climate, environmental justice and health advocates under the coordination of 350 Ventura County Climate Hub asking the Ventura County Board  of Supervisors to strengthen the VC2040 General Plan in areas where we see room for improvement.
The  leadership out of the CEOs office is our biggest concern. We propose the following two Implementation Programs:

Office of Climate Action and Sustainability (OCAS) – Within four months from plan adoption the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall create a budget and staffing plan for an Office of Climate Action and Sustainability (OCAS) to oversee the implementation of the Climate Action Plan (CAP).  The OCAS shall operate within the CEO’s office and be staffed with a Director and necessary staff to work with all applicable parties, within and outside County Government, to encourage and monitor the implementation of the CAP goals, policies, and programs.  This office shall support the CAC, provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors about implementation approaches and update them periodically on the latest science about climate change; present funding opportunities and an annual progress report by the various responsible and supporting agencies. The OCAS may be funded through interdepartmental budget transfers to ensure prompt, robust staffing, and may convene where useful ad hoc committees of County departments, experts and impacted individuals or groups.

RATIONALE: Added to ensure the specified focus on Climate Action goal-setting by every responsible and supporting agency identified in the CAP under oversight of the CEO’s office, recognizing the existence of a Sustainability Officer and the need to pursue CAP strategies within a sustainability paradigm. 

Director of the Office of Climate Action and Sustainability (OCAS).  The County shall employ a Director for the Office of Climate Action and Sustainability with the mandate, qualifications. and authority to lead, coordinate and rigorously monitor progress by all responsible and supporting agencies and departments toward the CAP goals.  The Director shall provide encouragement and coaching for those responsible for implementing CAP measures.  The Director shall communicate regularly to the public, the Cities, and  Joint Powers Agencies, such as the VCREA (Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance) and VCAPCD (Ventura County Air Pollution Control District) about the responsibilities of every sector to mitigate and prepare for climate change.

RATIONALE: Added to specify qualified leadership and capability regarding speedy implementation of the full scope of the CAP, continuously highlighting the most impactful goals, and having the authority inherent in working directly for the CEO. The Director of the Office of Climate Action directs an office that has the capacity to apply science to the setting of benchmarks toward the continued development and progress of the CAP through a cooperative network of relationships within and outside of the County government. The director must have ample authority inherent through direct chain of command to the CEO to be able to do what is necessary.  With strong leadership Ventura County can be a leader in development and speedy achievement of its CAP. 

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

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