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Fair Energy Pricing Requires Transmission Access Charge Reform

When one of several California Legislators makes the decision to author this bill, they might choose to call it the Ratepayer Electric Purchase Protection Act or True Cost Electric Pricing Act.  It can be called the Ratepayer Electric Procurement Protection …


VC Organizations to Gov Newsom to Save Rooftop Solar

RE:  Proceeding R.20-08-020 Urge CPUC to Reject the Proposed Decision for NEM 3.0


Ventura County has endured intensifying wildfires and related power outages and is bracing for more. We are near the end of the transmission grid in SCE …


30 Reasons to Make New Buildings All-Electric

The California Energy Commission CEC) sets stronger Energy Efficiency Building Codes every three years per “Title 24”. If we don’t get strong building codes NOW for the 2022-2025 code cycle, then we must keep working on this climate action city …


No More Fossil Fuel Pollution in Our Neighborhoods

Comment to CA Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) by February 11, 2021

An investigation into the So Cal Gas/Ventura MGP (56490101) revealed the presence of residual MGP wastes that may require remediation. Concentrations of some volatile organic compounds (VOCs)




The Greater SoCal 350 Legislative Committee is a coalition of 350.org affiliated groups and other allies in the Greater Southern California area that work together to get meaningful and effective climate legislation passed in the state, as well as …