This must be the decade of climate action, and this must be the year it begins
From the op-ed:
In 100 days exactly, we will strike again. On April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, young people and adults across the United States will once again take to the streets to demand climate action. Earth Day will launch three consecutive days of massive strikes, fulfilling our promise to take the climate strike movement beyond what we achieved on September 20.

The 2020 strikes will begin on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Fifty years ago, 20 million people took to the streets on April 22 to demand a cleaner, healthier environment. This historic day of action led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passing of many laws to safeguard clean air and water, and protect the natural world.”

  • Wednesday, April 22nd, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, will be the launch of one of the most powerful civic actions for environmental protection in our history. It will provide an opportunity to listen to Indigenous peoples’ wisdom, reflect on our connections to this earth, and serve as an invitation for everyone to make the decision to join us and commit to making climate change action a top priority.
  • Thursday, April 23, will be a day focused on community action. College students at dozens of campuses across the country will be calling on their colleges to stop profiting off of the destruction of our land and climate and to divest from fossil fuels. Adults will be targeting their place of work as well as demanding that our everyday institutions — like Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Liberty Mutual, and other banks and businesses — take money out of fossil fuels.
  • Finally, on Friday, April 24, we as a country will demonstrate our unity through mass mobilization. This is the day we strike. Led by young people, we are calling on everyone who can to strike from school or work, and take to the streets.

The time to act is now. This must be the decade of climate action, and this must be the year it begins. We hope you consider this your invitation to join the movement to save our lives, and add your name to Strike With Us.


Alyssa Lee, Divest Ed

Marlow Banes, Earth Guardians

Meadow Cook, Earth Uprising

Caroline Choi, Extinction Rebellion Youth US

Camille Petitcolas, Fridays For Future USA

Katie Eder, Future Coalition

Thomas Lopez Jr, International Indigenous Youth Council

Naina Agrawal-Hardin, Sunrise Movement

Feliquan Charlemagne, US Youth Climate Strike

Nadia Nazar, Zero Hour



Photo credit: MTV News.