by Eric de Place, Dec 14, 2020, Ohio River Valley Institute.

What Peak Plastic Means for the Petchem Buildout

The Ohio Valley petrochemical buildout is in big trouble. You know it when you hear things like this:
The Zeitgeist has shifted, and this is a permanent shift.

Those are not the words of an anti-fracking activist or an ocean conversation group. That’s the petrochemical industry talking. More precisely, it is ICIS analyst John Richardson writing about the end of the era of plastics, which he believes is upon us now. Long considered one of the leading sources of industry data and market analysis, ICIS provides arguably the most credible viewpoint on plastics anywhere. So it’s worth paying attention to the four-part series he wrote for ICIS, in which Richardson argues persuasively that public attitudes about plastic have shifted so dramatically that the world may have already reached “peak plastic.”

If Richardson is right and the world is anywhere near peak plastic, it spells big trouble for the long-planned dream of an Appalachian petrochemical buildout.

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