newjersey newjersey, March 25, 2020

We couldn’t attend the State Investment Council’s bi-monthly meeting in person due to the pandemic, so we got creative and organized a virtual rally to keep the pressure on and continue to ask the Council to divest from fossil fuels.

Together we wrote letters and emails to the Council members and Governor Murphy & his administration. We sang songs with the Solidarity Singers and enjoyed each other’s company during these difficult and socially isolating times.  We also viewed a short interview with Sonia Shah, a science journalist and an expert on the origins of disease, about connecting the dots between climate change/environmental destruction and the novel coronavirus. We also had a few NJEA members join us who prepared letters to their Pension Policy Committee and their NJEA delegates to exert further pressure on the State Investment Council to divest!


Earth Day 2020 – Coalition for Climate-Safe Pensions

Divest from fossil fuels!!!


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