This month’s News Flash is a quick one.

That’s because we really want to emphasize two things:

First, we have a General Meeting coming up on Thursday, August 15, 6 PM at El Chipotle Restaurant, 850 Crescent Way in Sunnybrae. All are invited!

Not only is this a great chance to get together with others to make a difference in the climate crisis, we’ll also have a really informative panel discussion on the local biomass electricity controversy. 350 Humboldt volunteers Martha Walden and Nancy Ihara will participate as well as Jim Zolic and Jerome Carmen from HSU’s Schatz Energy Research Center.

Biomass electricity has been controversial, here as well as in other areas, but it’s a major part of our local electricity mix. Here’s where that second point comes in:

To get a preview of the local biomass controversy, we invite you to look at two papers written by local 350 volunteers Colin Fiske and Katy Gurin, who focus on the Greenhouse Gas issues in one paper, and by 350 Humboldt volunteer Wendy Ring, who focuses on biomass public health issues in another. Clicking this link will take you to the page on 350 Humboldt’s website where you can access both papers, and we hope you’ll take a look. (And let us know what you think about our website, which is still in development.)

Also on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting is the latest on the Humboldt Wind Energy Project. 350 Humboldt members have been meeting with other local environmentalists to see where our opinions coincide and where they differ on this controversial project.

Thanks for your efforts, and we hope to see you Thursday!