kburkybile kburkybile, November 25, 2020

As many of you already know, Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest days of the year for giving – a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.  And it’s a chance for small non-profits like ours to raise vital funds for fueling our mission: to help end the use of fossil fuels and promote a future powered by 100% clean energy.

Show your appreciation today by contributing to
350 Chicago’s Giving Tuesday 2020 Fundraiser!

350 Chicago has set two goals to raise $2500 and/or $5000 in just 24 hours!

  1. If we raise $2500 dollars, Larry will brew 5-gallons of beer (48 – 12 oz bottles or 2 cases) for the highest donor who wants it.
  2. If we reach $5000, Larry will perform a TikTok Dance!

It will take everyone to get it done, and the impact of your contributions is going to be incredible.  

Even during the many challenges of this past year, our dedicated volunteers have remained hard at work, pushing for tangible change to protect our climate and the planet…and we need your help to keep it going. Your past donations have provided us with the financial support to finally become a 501(c)(3) registered organization as of October 8th of this year.

Let’s keep up the momentum!

Lend us a hand and spread the news by reposting 350 Chicago’s Giving Tuesday 2020 updates on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramThen make a donation through our
Giving Tuesday 2020 Campaign.  

Donations to 350 Chicago provide much need funding to further our mission of eliminating fossil fuels in favor of 100% clean energy by…

  • Raising awareness of climate change and solutions to the climate crisis
  • Expand our programs to combat the climate crisis!
  • Attract foundation grants to fund programs and hire our first staff members
  • Advocating for better climate policies in the City of Chicago and in Illinois
  • Building coalitions with other Environmental and Social Justice groups
  • Performing outreach to front line communities in the Chicagoland region
  • Strengthening our ongoing divestment and fossil-fuel-free campaigns
  • Growing our organization and broadening our volunteer base
  • Empowering thousands of Chicagoans to take tangible actions on climate

Giving Tuesday is December 1st, 2020.  #GivingTuesday

Donations are being accepted now and will continue throughout the week. 

Many thanks!

The Team at 350 Chicago