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April 1: Legislative Training in Long Beach

Interested in helping California pass legislation to confront the climate crisis? This training is for you!

This training will prepare you to be part of a team advocating for strong climate legislation in California. Learn from experienced climate advocates how

Call your Senator Today to Vote No on SB 396

9/6 update: This bill was successfully stopped, and never came up for a Senate floor vote.

SB 396 would allow PG&E to cut almost any tree anywhere anytime with no recourse and no oversight. This is supposedly for wildfire mitigation,

California Climate Bills Coming To Floor Votes This Month

With the California legislature in the second year of its two year session, a few holdover bills, introduced last year but held before passing their house of origin (either the state Assembly or Senate), face an end-of-month deadline. They may …

Deadline 12/21 — Public Comments Due on CalGEM Rulemaking

For more than 2 years, California has delayed action on an urgent public health crisis: neighborhood oil and gas extraction. That delay finally came to an end this Fall, and relief for the more than 2 Million Californians who live …

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Research has shown that if a mere 3.5% of the population becomes active on an issue, change will follow. Elected officials are, not surprisingly, especially susceptible to public pressure. They know that for each citizen moved to take action, many more feel the same way. By taking action, you become part of the needed 3.5%.

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