9/6 Update: SB-1137 passed the Assembly on 8/30 by a vote of 41 – 24 with 15 not voting. It passed the Senate on 8/31 and is now awaiting the governor’s signature.

From our friends at the VISION Coalition:

For years, nearly 7.5 million Californians sheltered-in-place to protect public health within 1 mile of an active oil or gas site. A majority of these residents are from low-income or non-white communities – a testament to the reality of environmental racism in California today.

Science has shown that a 3,200 foot setbacks distance between oil and gas drilling and our homes, schools, hospitals, daycare facilities, and prisons is the bare minimum needed to protect people from the worst health outcomes of living near constant oil and gas pollution: asthma, cancers, high-risk pregnancies, and now an increased risk for a serious case of COVID-19.

Furthermore, buffer zones are common in other states with fossil fuel economies. Of the top eight oil-producing states in the country, four have statewide buffer zone requirements: Colorado, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. While Californians like to think of their state as being an innovator and leader when it comes to the environment, the reality is that the state is far behind the norm on the issue of protective setbacks.

It’s time to meet the urgency of the climate emergency by prioritizing the frontline communities it impacts most; that means committing to commonsense health and safety setbacks. Californians of all walks of life are ready for our legislators to take action in the name of public health and a just transition.

We’re calling on you to protect our communities and end the legacy of environmental racism in California. Vote YES on SB1137

Big Oil spent 10 million dollars lobbying California officials in 2020, and it worked.

But what the Big Oil executives don’t have is people power.

Californians of all walks of life are ready for our legislators to take action in the name of public health and a just transition. All we’re missing is the political will.

Call 916-510-0486 NOW to tell key California Legislators to vote #YesonSB1137. We can’t wait any longer for an end to oil and gas drilling near our homes, schools, healthcare sites, and prisons.

Take these actions below to make sure key California Senators vote #YesonSB1137 to protect our public health and begin to protect workers from job loss from a dying industry. Call 916-510-0486 to automatically get connected with a key Legislator.


  • Call Key Legislators


    • Assm. Alvarez (San Diego)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2080
      • Local:(619) 338-8090
    • Assm. Arambula (Fresno)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2031
      • Local:(559) 445-5532
    • Assm. Calderon (CIty of Industry)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2057
      • Local:(562) 692-5858
    • Assm. Carillo (LA)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2051
      • Local:(213) 483-5151
    • Assm. Cervantes (Corona)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2060
      • Local:(951) 371-6860
    • Assm..Fong (San Gabriel Valley)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2049
      • Local:(323) 264-4949
    • Assm. Gray (Merced, Modesto)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2021
      • Local, Merced:(209) 726-5465
      • Local, Modesto: (209) 521-2111
    • Assm. Grayson (Concord, Vallejo)
      • Sacramento: 916) 319-2014
      • Local, Concord: (925) 521-1511
      • Local, Vallejo:(707) 642-0314
    • Assm. Low (Cupertino)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2028
      • Local:(408) 446-2810
    • Assm. McKinnor (Inglewood)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2062
      • Local:(310) 412-6400
    • Assm. Rodriguez (Chino)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2052
      • Local:(909) 902-9606
    • Assm. Villapudua (Stockton)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2013
      • Local:(209) 948-7479
    • Assm. Wilson (Fairfield)
      • Sacramento: (916) 319-2011
      • Local: (707) 399-3011

It’s going to take every one of us to pass SB 1137 and protect frontline communities. But the good news is that tens of thousands of Californians support this bill. We need to talk to our friends, our family, our neighbors, and more to make sure our state legislature passes this bill to protect the health of frontline communities, workers, and stem climate change. Please share these calls to action with a friend!