How you can help:

350 Southland Legislative Alliance welcomes involvement at all levels of participation. To learn more about our work, we suggest you start by becoming a member of our Action Network.

As a member of our Action Network, you will receive calls to action when public pressure is needed to advance legislation, regulatory action, or executive action by the Governor. This could take the form of a request to:

  • Sign on to a petition
  • Send a comment letter
  • Make a phone call to a legislator, agency, or the Governor’s office.
  • Make public comment at a hearing.
  • Attend a lobbying meeting with your local State Senator or Assemblymember (virtually or in person)

In all cases, we provide detailed instructions, background on the issue, and sample talking points.

We also offer in-depth training on how to participate in effective lobbying meetings with elected officials. Our trainings happen at least once per year and are an excellent way to get more detailed knowledge about the legislative process in California and tips and techniques need to make sure that your local legislator has all information needed to make the right decision on a pending piece of environmental legislation.

If you would like to be even more involved by, for instance, attending our twice a month meetings and helping to set priorities, please contact us by email: 350southland – at –

We are an all-volunteer group. Your help is needed.

Sign up and get involved!

Become a voice for the climate.

Research has shown that if a mere 3.5% of the population becomes active on an issue, change will follow. Elected officials are, not surprisingly, especially susceptible to public pressure. They know that for each citizen moved to take action, many more feel the same way. By taking action, you become part of the needed 3.5%.