9/6 update: This bill was successfully stopped, and never came up for a Senate floor vote.

SB 396 would allow PG&E to cut almost any tree anywhere anytime with no recourse and no oversight. This is supposedly for wildfire mitigation, but it actually allows PG&E to leave piles of wood and chips 9 inches high which promote rapid spread of wildfires.

PG&E might try to introduce amendments today Monday so it’s urgent to call your senator ONE MORE TIME. Please try to speak to a live staff. Its better!
Note: 115 groups are opposing including Sierra Club – click here for their powerful letter, plus here for more details. SoCal Edison is insulating their bare wires instead of logging trees and no longer has fires and blackouts in the upgraded areas. 
Do not call these senators unless to thank them for being climate heroes and opposing SB 396.
Senator Stern, Becker, Mcguire, Laird,  Allen, Cortese, Hertzberg, Rubio, Borgeas, Wiener,
Please forward and share this action call and call your Senator and say:
Hi Senator:
My Name is ___________I’m from this group ———or say your zip code__
– Vote NO on SB 396. Do not allow PG&E to have the right to cut almost any tree, anywhere, anytime, with no recourse to homeowners and no oversight. 
– There are NO amendments to save this bill. 
– Don’t give away our property rights to PG&E.
– Make them instead insulate their wires (like SoCal Edison) so we can live without their fires and blackouts.  Use the easy solution that works.
– Logging our beautiful healthy mature trees to protect PG&E shoddy wires is not a solution.
– VOTE NO or ABSTAIN on SB 396
And can you also ask your senator to vote NO on AB 2143 another PG&E inspired bill that will harm Californians.  It is against rooftop solar disguised by using prevailing wages. It has 100 groups in opposition.
Thanks for all your help!
Jennifer Tanner
Indivisible CA State Strong