350NJ is an inclusive, all-volunteer group with members of all ages, backgrounds, experience and talents.  What binds us together is our desire to leave our state and the world a more safe, just and sustainable place for future generations.  

  • We educate the community and help drive the climate conversation in the media (through press coverage, letters to the Editors, Op-Eds, etc.) on issues like oil trains, the proposed Pilgrim and Pinelands pipelines through New Jersey, fracking waste, air pollution and environmental racism.
  • We mobilize groups to take action on local issues like resisting fossil fuel infrastructure in New Jersey.
  • We charter buses to national and regional climate events like the Peoples Climate March and NOKXL rallies.
  • We make phone calls, circulate petitions, write to local officials, and occasionally visit our elected officials to advance legislation that combats global warming and supports wind and solar power and energy conservation in the Garden State.

350NJ stays connected via conference calls, meetings at local libraries or other venues, and sometimes in our homes for a pot luck meal.  

A steering group of dedicated climate activists provides direction and leadership to our actions. At this time, we are in re-org mode and include here a few key volunteers with historic ties to us.


unnamed-1  Norm Fisher

Born and raised in Clifton, NJ, Norm Fisher entered the commercial art field after college. A variety of positions in the field provided a satisfying career until retirement in 2009.  Norm, with new found freedom: got involved with Literacy Volunteers; participates in the Teaneck peace vigil standing against the  perpetual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; joined with The Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains standing against the transportation of raw Bakken crude oil and fossil fuels in general; volunteers with New Jersey Public Policy Network which presents speakers on current issues; and is now with 350NJ in its efforts to fight climate change. With these organizations, he is able to use his graphic abilities to produce signs and printed materials that bolster the groups’ efforts.

Norm presently serves as both a Steering Group member and 350NJ Treasurer.

Jerome Wagner  Jerome Wagner

Jerome Wagner was born and raised in northern New Jersey (Wayne), where he now lives again. He became attuned to the climate crisis in the mid- to late 2000’s and took up climate as his sphere of activism. Since returning to NJ, he has been involved in anti-fracking, anti-pipeline, and other climate-related campaigns. He has worked with several organizations, including the Essex/Passaic Greens, the Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline, Food and Water Watch, and Beyond Extreme Energy. In 2014, he helped get people out to the historic People’s Climate March in NYC. In 2015, he attended the Conference of the Parties in Paris France (COP-21) as a citizen observer.

He presently serves as one of the president of 350NJ. “I am very pleased to serve and lead at 350NJ! We have a sharp focus on the climate crisis and are actively pushing society towards a transition away from fossil fuel dependency. We educate the public, advocate solutions, and protest fossil fuel infrastructure and operations. Some of us also choose to risk arrest (in accord with principles of non-violent direct action) when that is appropriate.”

He concludes: “2017 needs to be a year of strong action favoring the climate. 350NJ is collaborating in many exciting events. Come join us!”


Jordan Dale Bio Picture 1  Jordan Dale

Jordan Dale is a recent addition to the 350.org ranks. In the short time he has been associated with 350NJ, he has started up an offshoot group in Rockland County NY, where he lives. There, he is driving a number of initiatives – including a divestment campaign – and coordinating closely with the Rockland County chapter of Sierra Club for synergistic progress.

Jordan holds a law degree from Stanford Law School and was a member of the bar in both Illinois and New York. He served as Executive Director at Surprise Lake Camp in Cold Spring, NY for 30 years. He has served on the boards of directors of several organizations.

In addition to working with 350NJ-Rockland, he currently enjoys mentoring, guitar-playing, birding, painting, competitive Scrabble, and basketball. He is also making progress on his goal to hike the whole Appalachian Trail!


Anu Hansen  Anu Hansen

Anu Hansen is based in Bergen County, NJ and has always wanted to work on climate issues especially after Hurricane Sandy.   She has a range of organizing experience, having worked with different environmental groups since 2013 as well on state electoral campaigns.   Anu has worked on issues related to oil trains, fracking, renewable energy and is excited to be involved with 350NJ

Anu’s background is in publishing, having worked as Foreign Rights Manager at two major publishing houses, International Thomson Publishing as well at Harper Collins Publishers in New York.  She was responsible for making the department immensely profitable by strategically building a network of international clients, developing a data base and monitoring results.  Over the past twelve years, until 2013, she was President of her self-owned Agency, and represented several Publishing Houses.

Anu is presently serving 350NJ as a trusted advisor and event coordinator.


rose lng hearing copy ps  Rosemary Dreger Carey

Rosemary Dreger Carey is a co-founder of 350NJ. She is a freelance writer at Copyrose Marketing & Communications, a copywriting resource for businesses and organizations with a commitment to sustainability. She is also a contributor to business publications and blogs on sustainable business topics. 

Rosemary found her passion for grassroots organizing in 2008 when she founded  Pascack Sustainability Group, a non-profit organization with a mission to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices in her community. 

In 2013, after spending three days in Chicago training with former Vice President, Al Gore and other leaders in the climate movement, Rosemary became a Presenter for the Climate Reality Project. She has served as Co-Chair of the Environmental Work Group for New Jersey Public Policy Network (NJPPN). Rosemary formerly lived in River Vale, NJ., and served as 350NJ’s principal leader and President for many years. Rosemary now supports us from her new home in Massachusetts.


IMG_6814  Karen Sarrow

Karen Sarrow formerly lived with her family in NJ. She and the family have since relocated to Los Angeles. She has been a lifetime advocate for universal healthcare, and clean air and water.  She studied environmental history at the Ohio State University in graduate school in addition to Art History. She provides graphic design for 350NJ and has recently supported Ban Bomb Trains actions, as well as 350NJ activities and meetings.

Karen was an advocate and one time secretary of the San Fernando Valley chapter of Healthcare For All in LA, and is active in national politics.  Since living in New Jersey, she has developed a graphic design and photography freelance business.  Her formal education includes training as a painter at Pratt Institute and Pasadena Art Institute; additionally, she has extensive institutional experience providing library services and frequent teaching. The Sarrow family wants to lobby Congress on behalf of the earth.  Sarrow Studio promotes clean air and water at https://www.facebook.com/keepitintheground posts with environmental art and related articles.

Karen provides 350NJ support with its website.

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