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The General Plan for Ventura County should protect people and the environment from the “Four P’s”. 

Join us in asking the Ventura County Board  of Supervisors to include programs to address pollution of all kinds.  To make comment on this for the VC2040 General Plan, email to Susan Curtis <[email protected]> no later than Monday, August 31, 3:30 p.m.. 

PETITION:  To support all 40 of the recommendations from the 350 Climate Coalition including these about pesticides, sign the  Petition to the Supervisors:  CLICK HERE

INSTRUCTIONS:  To comment to the Supervisors during the September 1 hearing or ahead of time by email: CLICK HERE.

Here are our recommended “4 P” pollution prevention programs:



  • Phase out single use plastics and plastic bags





















  • Prohibit new wells within 2500 feet of homes and schools.
  • Prevent leaking of oil, gas and wastewater from oilfields by annual monitoring.
  • Require that oil producers pay enough performance bond to ensure the wells are closed up 













  • Communicate to the public, farmworkers, and the environment the true risks of using pesticides and about available alternatives, including education about anticoagulant rodenticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fumigants beyond what is covered on pesticide labels.
  • Employ a Certified Industrial Hygienist to communicate work hazards to farmworkers and create a biomonitoring program for farmworkers to opt in if they are concerned about being exposed from an incident or from lifetime exposure to conditions in the field, ranging from dust particulates to inhalation of pesticides. 













  • Help people replace gas stoves with electric appliances
  • Focus tree planting separately homes, businesses and schools from busy roads
































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