I just got the news that 10/10/10, the date for our Global Work Party, is also another global holiday … World Zombie Day!

You may have noticed that the Zombie craze is spreading the world like, well, like flesh-eating zombies in a camp horror film. Everywhere you turn, it seems like the undead are looking to walk the earth.

During our last international day of climate action on October 24, some people took up the zombie theme unprompted and incorporated it into their action. Check out this photo from Sikeston, Missouri: 

If you're looking to plan a 10/10/10 event, feel free to work in a zombie theme. Perhaps you can do a "Zombie solar installation" or a "Zombie coal executive march" to represent the dirty power source that keeps refusing to die. We'd love to see what you come up with … you can register your event here.