We just sent this urgent (yet uplifting) update & call to action to tens of thousands of supporters all across the US…and hope you'll join us in telling our Senators that they work for us (and not BP!)

Dear friends,

Right now in Washington D.C., Senators are preparing to debate climate and energy legislation.

Thousands of lobbyists are sweeping the Hill, millions of dollars are being dumped into TV ads, and the BP's of the world (Big Polluters and Bad Politicians) are doing everything they can to weaken and corrupt the climate bill.

Watching this debate unfold reaffirms one of our core beliefs at 350.org — solving the climate crisis will take a strong grassroots movement. Until we have a strong climate movement that can make our politicians work for us, they'll keep working for the big polluters. We need to get to work changing our country from the bottom up.

Everywhere I look, that work is beginning to happen.

Right here in the US, and in over 100 countries on Earth, thousands of communities are already getting to work on climate solutions and preparing for our major day of action on October 10th. Hundreds of universities in China, India and the US are joining the Great Power Race, a campus clean energy competition. Tens of thousands of you have told President Obama to get to work putting solar panels back on the White House.

Now, it's time to turn up the pressure on Washington.

As Congress finally begins to debate climate and energy legislation, take a minute to ask your Senators a simple question: are you working with me or are you working with the big polluters?

Click here to get a list of numbers and some talking points to help make your call.

For the next three weeks, big polluters are going to be trying to weaken this bill. They'll try and secure more handouts for nuclear and coal, strip the EPA of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases, and weaken the cap on emissions. In short: big polluters will try and get our Senators to work for them.

It's time to remind our Senators that they work for us:


Take a minute to call your Senators and tell them that you're working to build a movement for clean energy and climate solutions in your state. Tell them that you'll be watching them closely over the next few weeks to see who they really work for. And if you've already registered a 10/10/10 work party, invite your Senator to attend and get to work with you, literally.

Five months ago, when 350.org launched the Global Work Party, it was clear to me that this day could be a major turning point, when the world finally gets to work solving the climate crisis and building a sustainable future.

That's what's happening here in the United States, and it's happening around the world too. We're closer to something historic than anyone ever imagined we could be.

Thank you for building a movement.


May Boeve,

USA Coordinator, 350.org