Canadian and American climate and energy experts and activists are mobilizing just in time for President Obama’s first foreign visit on Thursday, to Ottawa, Canada. The substance of Prime Minister Harper’s and President Obama’s conversation concerns climate change, and also, how these two countries can work together to reduce emissions and also share energy technologies. The U.S. imports a large amount of oil from Canada, so this conversation will likely influence cross-border energy policy for the next four years.

Standing at the crossroads is the issue of tar sands oil–one of the most egregious forms of energy on our planet. Click here to make a statement opposing the tar sands.

Tar sands producers are worried that this meeting won’t bode well for expanded production, and climate change advocates, including our allies Greenpeace and West Coast Climate Equity are trying to make sure that tar sands stay off the table.

We’ll be watching closely as this meeting develops, and we’ll also want to see how many Canadians come out to rally around this meeting.