How the time does fly. Way back in December of 2008, some of the 350 crew converged from all over the world in Poland, for the latest round of UN Climate Talks. It seems like ages ago to me.

Anyway, midway through the talks, while the negotiators bickered over the placement of semicolons (joking…sort of), the 350 team decided that it was time for some creative action. To cut through the static surrounding the negotations, we took to the streets with an amazing team of international youth, and we tried to create something beautiful. I’ll shut up now, and let the video do it’s work–courtesy of our comrades at Young FoE Europe.

It was fun. And cold. And wonderful. Thanks to John Quigley for helping to pull this thing off and the International Youth Delegation for being generally awesome–let’s keep the actions rolling in the weeks and months ahead.