Many of you are already familiar with our friend and fellow 350 oragnizer in Iraq, Ola.  For those of you who don't know Ola, check out her video here:

Well, we just got several fantastic photos today from Ola's sister and their friends in Babel, Iraq, who are carrying on with what Ola began…

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Here is what our friend and colleague, Ali Falkhry from IndyACT, wrote about their organizing efforts in Iraq:

In a country where people risk life and limb (literally) every second by just walking through the neighborhood you find dedicated activists that are ready to risk everything to raise the awareness and get to work against climate change and to brand a new era of a newly born Iraq.

Hiba, Hala, Mais, Hazem, Lina, Ali and Ashraf, 350 leaders in Iraq, are already rocking the city, promoting for solar panels at the University of Babel Iraq and planting trees near the industrial zones and conducting environmental awarness sessions to convince locals, industries and government to adapt for a renewable energy.

This group is working on their plans for 10/10/10 and preparing for something big. Stay tuned…