…are holding a free conference call on Tuesday night, and those of you who are interested in the fight to prevent the exploitation of Canada's tar sands might be interested to take part. Rick Bass is a novelist, essayist, and longtime defender of Montana wilderness; David James Duncan is a novelist too, and a playwright, and another remarkable advocate for the beauty of the American west. They're both concerned with plans to take back roads across the Rockies and turn them into travel routes for the gargantuan equipment necessary to exploit the Alberta tar sands (which in turn will ramp up global warming, spreading more forest fire across the West, etc etc). They've co-written a great book on the subject, The Heart of the Monster, and Tuesday they'll be discussing the fight in an hour-long call-in 'webinar' hosted by our friends at Orion magazine. Here's the info: http://j.mp/Orion-Tar-Sands-Call