We’re entering some extraordinarily busy and exciting days across the 350 network. Do the Math in the US, India Beyond Coal, the Arab Day of Climate Action, and so much more. Well, yet another inspiring element of that “more” is the exciting plan being led by 350 Ankara and 350 Antalya along with their partners across Turkey outlined below. The following is the translated post of their plans for this coming Sunday (more in Turkish here: http://350ankara.blogspot.com.es).
Our goal is to make climate change one of the defining issues of the approaching local elections. We want local governments and candidates who choose the climate over fossil fuels. We are aware that this is only possible when those who desire this change make themselves seen and heard.
Our reasons are obvious: fossil fuel dependent policies make our planet inhospitable. These policies are closely connected to the extreme weather events we have had in the past year. Even more incredibly, we enable the fossil fuel dependence of our local governments. Carbon based city infrastructure costs money and causes extreme climate disasters. Just think about Ankara, where the maintenance cost of asphalt roads for 2012 alone is 200 million US dollars!
We propose to take the first step on 11.11.12 with simultaneous action in Ankara, Antalya and Yalova. Join us to make our demands for more climate friendly municipality policies and approaches heard!
For more about this weekend’s action led by 350 Ankara and 350 Antalya in Turkey visit: http://350ankara.blogspot.com.es.