Outraged over the continued BP oil disaster, hundreds of communites across the United States are hosting meet-ups, actions, and candlelight vigils to call for an end to America's fossil fuel addiction. 350.org has joined with our friends at Moveon.org, Huffington Post Green, and Meetup Everywhere to encourage people to attend events. Hundreds of events are planned across the United States:

Click here to join a HuffPost meet-up to discuss clean energy campaign plans.

Click here to join a MoveOn candlelight vigil to stand in solidarity with people in the Gulf and around the world who are feeling the impacts of dirty energy.

350.org founder Bill McKibben had this to say about the oil spill and today's events: "The ugly slick in the gulf reminds us all that fossil fuel is, at heart, dirty stuff. Even if you get it to the refinery and burn it in your car, it's dirty stuff, driving the change in climate now setting record temperatures around the globe. The one silver lining that can come from this oily cloud is a new commitment to move us fast towards clean energy."

“Horror, grief, and frustration—these are the emotional reactions we’re hearing from members all over the country who just want something done to stop the BP oil disaster and help the affected communities in the Gulf,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of MoveOn.org. “These vigils are an indication of how many people in this country recognize the devastation that has been wrought on the Gulf coast—its residents, economy, and environment—and the risk we face of this calamity repeating itself unless we make a real commitment to get off oil.”

Talk about getting to work! I think this movement is heating up …