Singer-songwriter, environmental activist, and Unitarian Universalist minister Fred Small has composed a thrilling anthem proclaiming the 350 message!  Fred and the Pan-Latin ensemble Sol y Canto ( have recorded “Three Five O” in both English and Spanish as a powerful call for climate justice.  You can listed to the English with the tool below (at the very end of the post) and click here to listen in Spanish.  Lyrics and Chords below.

The next phase of this project will be to circulate a video of “Three Five O” for online posting and global networking.  Production of the video is already underway, but more funds is needed.  UU Ministry for Earth ( is collecting funds to complete the video.  Make your tax-deductible donation by clicking here (!


Three Five O 

Words and Music by Fred Small

Spanish lyrics by Brian Amador

© 2009 Pine Barrens Music (BMI) 


English lyrics with chords: 


For the snows of Kilimanjaro

   C      D   Em

Three Five O

For the children who will follow

   C      D   Em

Three Five O

For the seasons ever turning


For the ancient forests burning

Em            D           C             A

Seize the number, speed the warning

   C      D   Em

Three Five O 




Step it up—we can’t slow down now


Take my hand and don’t let go


Gotta make it to higher ground now

C       B7   Em

Three Five O 


Glaciers melting, oceans warming/Three Five O

Cities flooding, insects swarming/Three Five O

We took the earth and its sweet wonder

Paved it over, plowed it under

Sold it short and still we hunger/Three Five O 





Am   Em

While we are sleeping the night is deepening

C   B7

Lift up your light and shine


People dying in the heat now/Three Five O

People marching in the street for Three Five O

Blood-red sky, storm tide rising

Can you see that blue horizon?

Keep your eyes on the prize—it’s Three Five O 




Spanish lyrics: 

Por las montañas nevadas, tres cinco cero

Por el cambio de temporadas, tres cinco cero

Por los bosques que están quemando,

Por los niños que están mirando,

Escuchemos la advertencia, tres cinco cero. 

Adelante sin descanso,

juntos en nuestro sendero

alcancemos las alturas, tres cinco cero. 

Se derriten los glaciares, tres cinco cero

Se calientan los mares, tres cinco cero

A los milagros de la tierra

Hemos declarado guerra,

Arrasando por dondequiera, tres cinco cero.

Del calor se están cayendo, tres cinco cero

a la calle están saliendo, tres cinco cero

bajo un cielo muy oscuro

hay que caminar seguro

aferrados al futuro, tres cinco cero.