UPDATE: Our friends from Bulgaria just shared the exiting news with us that the Bulgarian parliament banned fracking today. After nationwide public protests and education campaign the Bulgarian parliament dcided to ban fracking based on environmental concerns. Good example how People Power can make a difference.

Photo: Mihail Georgiev

Thousands and thousands of people protested against fracking all over Bulgaria last Saturday with a many solidarity events being organized in other European capitals. 

Fracking is a term that is often used to describe the extraction of shale gas. In more and more places all around Europe governments are currently deciding to look into possible shale gas projects. As with so many unconventional fossil fuel projects the extraction process fracking is linked to huge environmental concerns. 

Bulgarian protestors seek a moratorium against unconventional drilling for shale gas and at this stage it looks like they made their voices heart with mass protests all over the country – the Bulgarian government is now considering a ban on shale gas drilling. 

We will keep you updated on how the fracking protests in Bulgaria are going.