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As we head into the thick of summer, things are heating up, and I’m not talking about the weather.

For the past month, we’ve been working with organizers and activists all over the country on organizing mobilizations to bring the heat to the fossil fuel industry, starting in late July. Here’s just some of what’s in store:

Folks in Ohio are gearing up to address the fracking industry with power in numbers, Nebraska and Houston are ramping up local campaigns to show that community power can stop the Keystone XL pipeline, Utah is bustling around plans to stop the first US tar sands development, and Massachusetts activists are organizing to shut down Brayton Point Coal Plant, the largest fossil fuel plant between Maryland and Maine.

And here’s more exciting news: in the past few weeks, we’ve been working in close partnership with organizers to put even more actions on the map.

In Richmond, California we’re supporting local community groups hosting a Festival of Resistance against Chevron’s Bay Area refinery on August 3rd. Thousands of people from across the region will challenge Chevron for their support of tar sands development, the impacts their dirty refinery has on the surrounding residents, and their poor safety standards that caused a massive fire last year.

And in Portland, Oregon on July 27th we’re supporting a regional mobilization on the Columbia River to keep fossil fuel exports out of the Pacific Northwest. (boaters are encouraged, but we need you on the shore as well!)

This is a going to be a big summer because we’re a big movement. Thousands of people have already signed up to join these actions — click here to be a part of an epic summer of action: joinsummerheat.org/map

In solidarity,

Rae and the Summer Heat Team