This movement is full of stories. Whether it’s villagers in Nepal who face increased floods from melting glaciers or students in Ecuador who organize to green their campuses and communities, the stories of people confronting the climate crisis are the lifeblood of this movement. Stories matter on the global scale, like the narrative we are building together around the October 24 day of action, and they matter on the local scale, giving people the information they need to face the challenges and seize the opportunities this new era of climate change brings.

Every story needs a good storyteller. That’s one of the reasons that the Climate Change Media Partnership is so important. The CCMP provides annual training fellowships for journalists from the developing South to learn how to write about climate change and to attend the United Nations climate meetings. CCMP fellows come from all over the world: Nepal, Jamaica, Cambodia, and more (all places where events are being planned for this October). Check out this video for more information on the fellowship:

As you make your plans for October 24, think about how your event can tell a unique story that will capture the attention of journalists like those at the CCMP. Maybe you’ll bring an unprecedented coalition of organizations together around your action, or invite a local politician, or host your event at an iconic place that makes a great backdrop for a front page photo. The more creative you are, the more likely you’ll get some great media coverage.

There will be all sorts of incredible stories on October 24, let’s make sure the storytellers are there to hear them.