sites/all/files/jamieryan.jpgSometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. Jamie and Ryan Pleune, residents of Washington DC, decided that they had been hearing a lot about climate change, and wanted to take their commitment to the next level. Jamie had been doing work as an environmental attorney, while Ryan, a teacher, took kids into the outdoors to foster environmental literacy and leadership skills. Inspired by the 350 actions around the world, they decided to embark on their own journey…on foot. Starting on October 10 – the Global Work Party, they traveled 350 miles across Utah, calling it a Pilgirmage for Hope. Jamie writes this in High Country News:

We are joining a long lineage of serious, dedicated, frustrated political walkers—people who took a risk and walked away from the status quo, hoping that their feet would change what that their voices could not.  The Jews walked out of Egypt.  Mormon pioneers walked across the prairie.  Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King walked instead of taking the bus.  The list extends beyond archetypes.  Political walking is part of the bedrock of our democracy: the right to peaceably assemble is more than talk, it is walking the walk.

We've followed Jamie and Ryan throughout their journey, as they blogged and submitted videos, and we want to give them a huge congratulations for making the journey count, and showing the rest of us that we won't win the fight against climate change with one piece of legislation or court case — it's going to take commitment, hard work and dedication. That's a journey we're excited to be on with all of you.

Check out this video from the second part of the trek: