I was travelling in Taiwan this holiday season and dropped in on the End of The World Climate Camp, co-organised by our regional Power Shift partners, the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition and the China Youth Climate Action Network.

Along with similar events in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, the camp really sought to drive home the message that if we are worried about the end of the world, then we should really be worried about tackling climate change!

We started off with a presentation and debate on nuclear energy, whether we need it and what dangers come hand-in-hand. It was interesting to hear opinions from the Taiwanese youth, as well as youth from Hong Kong and Mainland China, each of whom had different perspectives on how to balance energy and environmental needs.

After the discussion, we proceeded to do an inter-city dialogue between youth from Taiwan and Guangzhou to connect and network with one another. We started with a phone conversation, where we shared our concerns and hopes for the climate movement in the upcoming year. Following that, we wrote postcards addressed to our friends abroad, to provide encouragement and support for their continued efforts in catalysing climate solutions on campuses and in communities back home.

The End of the World Climate Camp was also a great opportunity to catch up with local organisers whose first meeting was just last summer at the 350.org regional workshop in Indonesia! With renewed friendships, we’re ready to working closely together towards building a new climate movement with the Global Power Shift!