The world is acting strangely these days. Some of it is entirely unprecedented–both the Northwest and Northeast Passages melted open for the first time last week, making the Arctic ice cap a complete island.

And some of it is depressingly familiar, the kind of story that becomes more and more common as the planet warms. In India, as noted below, massive flooding has cut off millions from nearby cities. And in the northern hemisphere a chain of massive hurricanes–Gustav today, Hanna Friday, Ike and Josephine waiting in the wings–unnerve coastal dwellers.

Our work together at 350.orgis about making these tragedies less likely in the future. But since they’re happening already, we need to help the victims too. Here’s two organizations that work internationally to help tend people affected by what we used to call natural disasters–they could use $35.00, or 350 Euros, or whatever you can spare:

American Red Cross

Direct Relief International