This week, negotiators from 172 countries are meeting in Bonn, Germany to work on the framework for a global climate treaty. While we don’t have high hopes for any breakthroughs at this interim meeting, we’re following the negotiations closely. As Yvo De Boer, the UN’s top climate official, said, “When countries gather for UN climate change negotiations, they meet to respond to what can arguably be described as the greatest challenge ever to face humanity.” organizer Judit Varga is on the ground in Bonn keeping an eye on the proceedings – and enjoying some Radler (beer) and Wurst (sausage) in the meantime! She’s been connecting with international NGO’s, talking with environment ministers, and making sure the latest climate science that points to 350 ppm is getting out there. It’s essential that the agreement being worked on in Bonn is anchored in the most recent science. To quote Yvo De Boer again: “The challenge is now to design a deal that will deliver the type of emission reductions that the scientific community tells us are urgently needed. . . . With hardly more than a year of negotiating time left to design the Copenhagen agreement, there is a great sense of urgency to move forward.”

Not urgent enough. Yvo can only do so much in his official capacities. With your help, over the coming months we’ll be putting pressure on politicians everywhere to take immediate action to get us back towards 350 ppm. And remember in the midst of your organizing to take time to have fun! If talking about international negotiations are getting you down, make like Judit and slip out to get a beer (or soda for our underage activists). Pass the Radler and wurst!