sites/all/files/smaller_best_boxer_fiorna_debate.jpgAs part of our efforts to let our senators know we still expect them to pass a serious climate bill, a team of volunteers headed to a debate between California's Senator Barbara Boxer and Republican candidate Carly Fiorina on Wednesday.

Joe Romm at Climate Progress has a great post (with footage from the debate) about what happened when climate change came up as a topic in the debate. At issue is Proposition 23, a proposal that would put a moratorium on implementing California's global warming law, AB32. Boxer is opposed to the measure; Fiorina has yet to take a position on it.

We'll be working with all the 10/10 event organizers in California to draw a link between getting to work in our communities, and getting our politicians to get to work implementing the laws that will lead the country to cut our emissions.