This is how connected the global movement is on climate change now. I’m sitting in New York, trying to figure out with the team here how we can contact countries that still have nobody participating in the 350 project. The Seychelles, a small island nation, comes up. A lightbulb goes off, and I email Sandra, whom I worked with in Berlin, who has family in the Seychelles, who, 18 hours later, have helped take this 350 photo at a youth summit on climate change.

If anyone were searching for a sign that we are united in our cause, that solidified it for me. The message from Michele at Sustainability for Seychelles was warm and enthusiastic. "Appreciate the interest and support from the outside world," they said. As if we weren’t the ones to be appreciative, finding such great people in one of the dwindling number of countries we have not reached with public 350 events.

Thanks, Michele, Sandra, and the increasingly interconnected movement on which we can fully depend to make this weekend a smashing success. 173 countries and rising.