Yesterday Phil blogged about a 350 River action. Today, I want to stay with our water theme and share a great article from our friends over at Solve Climate on "A Sea Change," a new documentary about the state of the world’s oceans.

Although we often turn up to the sky when we think about climate change, the oceans are just as crucial to the Earth’s ability to handle the carbon humans put up into the atmosphere. And, little surprise here perhaps, new studies have shown that getting back to 350 ppm is just as crucial for life in the oceans as it is for life on land. Simply put, if we continue to pump C02 into the air, the oceans will quickly become uninhabitable not only for coral reefs, but for the fish and many other life forms humans depend on for food and more.

Take a look at the preview for "A Sea Change" to learn more about the important role oceans play in our lives, check out the complete article on the documentary at Solve Climate, and then start thinking about how you can help organize an Ocean themed event for 24 October. We just learned that President Mohammed Nasheed of the Maldives is helping get 350 people to take action underwater off his coastline, what will you do?