Roz in her 350 t-shirt as she breaks the world record. (Photo taken by Elizabeth Havice)

The first time I met Roz Savage, I had a bit of trouble making the pices of her biography fit together.

She told me about her background as a "management consultant" in London, and flashed a radiant smile.  I didn't instantly think: "this woman is obviously a eco-warrior that sets world records."  But after spending some more time with her, it was clear that she was an absoulute force of nature–equal parts charming and driven.  

And last week, Roz became the first woman to row solo accross the Pacific Ocean, from the United States to Papua New Guinea.  She logged over 8,000 miles and 250+ cumulative days on her Pacific row–a mind-boggling accomplishment.

She was welcomed by a crowd of 5,000 in Papua New Guinea, and as she rowed into the Madang harbor they all got a good look at her t-shirt that she proudly wore. 

As a 350 Athlete, Roz carries the banner for climate action wherever she goes–and we couldn't be prouder of the work that she's done and the boundaries she's broken.