As organizers, we get a lot of emails in our inboxes everyday from people around the world working to solve the climate crisis. Each email comes with a story — a unique climate solution a local group is implementing, a new action being planned for October 24, a coalition that wants to join — but few are as inspiring as that of Kim Nguyen.

Over 10 months ago, Kim left Brisbane, Australia with the goal of making it to this December’s UN Climate Meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark … on his bicycle. His blog is great reading, not only because of the personal adventure he’s had and challenges he’s overcome, but because of the local stories he’s captured along his journey. Kim’s visited with many of our new 350 partner organizations, from a network of environmental organizations in Malaysia to the student-lead Green SOS in China. We’ll see where he ends up on October 24!

Check out this video introducing Kim’s journey and make sure to read his blog for the latest updates from the road. And heck, if Kim can bike from Australia to Denmark, you can organize a one day event your city or town. Good luck, Kim!