We think that taking collective action is one of the most powerful ways that we can make change, so we spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to get people together.

That’s where you come in. We need your help organizing your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to take action together. Maybe people are already mobilizing for climate action in your community: you can find local groups and events here. If not, then we need your help even more!

If you’re just starting out, start from the beginning and start small. Host a movie screening, then work your way toward a kickoff meeting. As your group gains confidence from successful small steps, stretch into bigger and bolder actions. Hold a protest, and start making some noise in local media.

Whether you’re educating your community, running a pressure campaign to pass a climate-friendly policy, or implementing local climate solutions, you can find resources for your projects on 350.org.

Want to formally become a 350 group? You can do that here.