We've had a victory here in New Zealand for renewable energy – Green Party Member of Parliament Kevin Hague defeated Greymouth Mayor Tony Kokshoorn in a Moving Planet debate last night, titled "What future fossil fuels?". Hague, speaking in support of moving beyond fossil fuels eloquently made his case in a tense atmosphere – Greymouth is at the center of New Zealand's coal industry, located on the Westcoast of the South Island. The New Zealand government has plans to expand coal mining on the Westcoast, so this debate and the outcome is more important than ever. 

Hague summed up his winning points for us: "The universal experience of coal mining towns is that they remain poor and their populations sick – for the sake of jobs we trade environmental destruction, the terrible toll of mining disasters and poor health for the sake of someone else's profit. We can honour the rightly proud history, culture and values that miners have represented while forging a new sustainable future."

Great stuff Kevin – we couldn't agree with you more!