Almost a month after Moving Planet and the parade “The City is Ours”, the Public Prosecution Office of São Paulo issued a call to the Municipal Secretary for Transport, Marcelo Branco, to pass the Municipal Mobility Plan and appoint the Transportation City Council  within 60 days from today (19/10). The request was sent by the Working Group on Urban Mobility of Rede Nossa São Paulo, one of partners for Moving Planet . If nothing is done, the prosecutor may bring a lawsuit against the city.

Keep in mind:  The Secretary of Transportation has been provided with R$ 15million in the 2011 budget to make a mobility plan but has not even started yet! We are demanding a sustainable mobility plan that returns the city to its citizens, with good quality public transport that works for 24 hours a day with fair fares. This plan should also prioritize public and non-motorized transport and value accessibility, besides enforcing the traffic legislation that protects all and educates for citizenship in the streets.