Our friends at the Wild Foundation will be hosting the 9th World Wilderness Congress (WILD9) in Mexico just a few weeks after 24 October.  To get participants excited, and highlight the importance of protecting wilderness areas to stop climate change, WILD9 is encouraging attendees (and anyone!) to organize a 350 action in the wilderness area they’re working to protect on 24 October.  These iconic locations will illustrate starkly just what is at stake if we don’t get to 350ppm.  What wilderness area is near you?  Think about hosting your action there, or doing a preliminary 350 action before the day of action – just grab some friends, your hiking boots, and a banner, and hike up to your favorite peak!  Read more from the Wild Foundation:

We know that at least 20% of all emissions since the industrial revolution are directly related to the destruction of wild-nature (forests, peat-lands, wetlands, and more). We know that our planet’s wetlands alone store 771 billion tons of carbon. Very simply, to prevent catastrophic climate scenarios, we need to protect our planet’s remaining wilderness and wildlands resources. Learn more about wilderness and climate change.

The issue is, that this very common-sense approach to solving a large part of the climate problem has not received the attention it deserves. As people who enjoy wilderness, and who care about the future of our planet, we know that you’re ready to help spread the word.

How to do it? Plan an action with 350.org for 24 October 2009. Gather your friends, family members, coworkers, church groups – anyone – and make a statement for protecting wilderness and its role in addressing the climate crisis. Register your action on 350.org, talk about it on WILD’s Forum, and take photos! Where ever you post your photos, messages, and news, use the tag “#350wild9″ so that we can track your success! {What is a tag and how do I use it?!}

Please be sure to upload your photos as soon as you can after October 24 – we want to present the actions for wilderness the next week (Nov 6-13) at WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress. The compilation of actions will convey the very important message that wilderness is a key part in our strategic response to climate change — the central theme of WILD9.

Send a powerful message – the world needs a climate solution and wilderness is a key part!