We just sent this email out to our list. Not getting our emails about the US Chamber? Sign the declaration on the homepage of the US Chamber Campaign!

Dear friends,

Usually, the best ideas come from people in our great 350 network. Here's one of them:

An organizer recently told us that we needed a simple way to explain our chamber campaign in 30 seconds or less. She was right, so we got to work. We compiled the need-to-know info about the US chamber, and let our graphic designer Matthew go wild. And he made this info-graphic.

But it's not just a poster–we've got a plan to go with it…


Here's the calender:

TODAY at 9PM ET: Join an exclusive organizer strategy briefing with the 350 field directors. We’ll bring you the latest developments with the Chamber and a strategy briefing about how we're scaling up our campaign in the coming weeks. You can dial in at (712)-432-0075, and use passcode: 855149


Over the next couple of weeks: Equipped with the new poster and a couple simple talking points, hundreds of local organizers around the country will hit the streets. Together, they will start laying the groundwork for this campaign and get thousands of businesses around the country to sign onto our declaration and say "The US Chamber of Commerce Doesn't Speak For Me!" The local organizers who win our daily Chamber Challenges (by, say, recruiting the most cafes or hairdressers) are going to get sweet prizes from local green businesses.

Some people have already signed up early–it's super easy to join them and get your community on the map. All you have to do is suggest a meeting spot (like a local coffee shop or somebody's house), and pick a day sometime in the next couple weeks to walk around town and talk to local businesses. Then invite your friends and co-workers, tell them the gameplan, and hit the pavement.


April 18th: Save this date for the movement. On that Monday, people around the country will attend strategic local events to expose the US Chamber's dirty deeds and diminish their power. You won’t want to miss out–more on that to come very soon.

Thanks for all you've done so far–we're about to kick this campaign into high gear, and we're thrilled to be doing it with all of you.


Phil Aroneanu
National Field Director – 350.org

P.S. Please spread the infographic far and wide, click here to share it on Twitter and click here to spread the word on Facebook. 

P.P.S. Hot off the presses, Bill McKibben has a fresh piece about the U.S. Chamber on the Huffington Post. Check it out: http://huff.to/uschamberlobby