I just got a email update from our great organizer, Marjorie from the Philippines. Marj and her group of youth leaders are busy and getting to work now with their 10 action plans leading towards 10/10/10 Global Work Party. Here is an update of their event:

It’s still two weeks before 10/10/10 but the everywhere around the globe, people are already busy doing actions for the climate, not to mention the preparations for actual day of the Global Work Party.

Here in the Philippines, Agham Youth initiated the build-up activity for 10/10/10 through the gREen Thumbs for the Climate. This signature campaign that will run from September 22-30 aims to raise awareness on the effects of coal on our climate. It is also  designed provide information on the vast renewable energy resources of the Philippines that can be utilized to help reach 350ppm. The signatures supporting the use of carbon-free renewable energy resources in the Philippines as alternative to coal were made in the form of green thumb marks on the leaf-less trees. As the supporters increased, so did the leaves of the trees, symbolizing the rehabilitation of our environment through the organized efforts of the people to save our planet.

gREen Thumbs for the Climate is part of the 10-action plan prepared by Agham Youth entitled 10Days/10Pledges/10Actions for a Safe Climate Future. The 10 activities are aimed at raising the awareness of people climate change and invite people to save our climate by joining our activities on 10/10/10 or by setting up their own work party. For more information on our work party activities, please check out http://bit.ly/AYworkparty.

You can also see this post at http://aghamyouthonline.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/green-thumbs-for-the-climate/