I turned a calendar page this morning and suddenly it was October. Since I’ve been preoccupied with counting down to October 24, it’s very exciting to be this close. Our partners are sending over more updates about their plans, so now seemed a good time to give you all a round-up of sorts:

Nitty-Gritty: 350 featured on TEDx: our friend Drew Jones, whom I just had the pleasure of meeting in New York City, works with C-Roads. C-Roads is a god-send of a tool that helps us all track how close particular policies get us to 350. Watch this video of Drew describing C-Roads at the TEDx conference.

Rapid-response Help: Oxfam NZ stepping up and stepping in to support Tsunami victims in Samoa: we heard from Susi in New Zealand yesterday that urgent help is needed to relieve this crisis. If you can pitch in to help, click here.

Yes Men: Our favorite lying truth-tellers, the Yes Men, have a terrific new movie coming out that you don’t want to miss. It tells the story of their antics posing as the CEOs of corporations they hate. Check it out near you!