I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are quite focused on preparing for a global day of action for October 24 here at 350.org.  Nonetheless, we’re all for taking action for 350 at any chance we can get.  It’s been wonderfully uplifting in the past couple weeks to get three separate reports of new actions taking place around India — in Erode, Bangalore, and Pune.  Check out a sampling of the photos sent in:

Erode, IndiaIndia




















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As you can see, two of these actions were led by children — the continued work of our friends at Kids for Tigers.  And the top left photo is from one of our newest allies in Erode, Tamil Nadu, the Jeeva Karunya Trust.

Hopefully this can be a bit of added motivation to the negotiators working on the new climate treaty meeting in Bonn, Germany starting this weekend, as well as added inspiration for all of us to start making plans for October 24.