In London, there is a bridge the spans out across the Thames River right next to the Houses of Parliament. On the other side of that bridge is a St. Thomas’ hospital. A few days ago thousands from around the UK gathered to block that bridge in protest. We were not afraid, and we were looking ahead towards October 15th.

Westminster bridge was blocked to symbolically show British politicians about the dire need to block a proposed bill that would promote the privatization of health care in the UK, and harm the National Health Service that currently provides free health care to an entire nation. This is just the latest advance in financial cuts to hospitals, schools and services that is ricocheting around the world following the latest financial “crisis”. As schoolroom class sizes swell, the sick go untreated and care to the elderly recedes – both corporate profits and the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow.

Writer and Board member Naomi Klein spoke about this to a huge crowd at Occupy Wall Street one week ago. She began her speech with these words:

“If there is one thing I know, it’s that the 1% loves a crisis. When people are panicked and desperate, that is the ideal time to push through their wishlist of pro-corporate policies: privatising education and social security, slashing public services, getting rid of the last constraints on corporate power. Amidst the economic crisis, this is happening the world over.

There is only one thing that can block this tactic, and fortunately, it’s a very big thing: the 99%. And that 99% is taking to the streets from Madison to Madrid to say: “No. We will not pay for your crisis.”

Brits, like populations all over the world, are starting to personally feel the harsh effects of an economic system that has continuously rewarded the richest 1% for polluting our atmosphere by taking from the pockets of the remaining 99%. As these radical cuts start to infringe upon people’s basic necessities: food, education and healthcare, people all over the world are joining together to say they will not be silent as their basic rights are undermined.

A movement is growing, and thousands are joining together together in 719 cities in more than 70 countries this Saturday, October 15th for a global day of action. See this inspriing map — already hundreds of occupations are being planned all over the world. It is a callout to the world to all those who know something has to change, and for them to imagine and discuss what that change needs to be.


Last Sunday on Westminster Bridge, as music, comedy, speeches, and street-theater replaced the traffic that normally inhabits Parliament Bridge a people’s assembly was called. In this open meeting, this “movement of movements” was reflected upon, and an action was planned. This October 15th, London will join global movements around the world and occupy the London Stock Exchange, a symbol of reclaiming power from the financial system that is hurrying our planet and society to environmental and social depravation. As Klein writes, “…it seems as if there aren’t any more rich countries. Just a whole lot of rich people. People who got rich looting the public wealth and exhausting natural resources around the world.”

No one knows where these movements are headed, or what the outcomes of such a day of action will be. Indeed, it has never been done before – it is truly history in the making. Will you be a part of it?