We’re thrilled with the mainstream media coverage that 350.org has received in the last week–but we also know that the media landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. The front-page 350 stories around the world aren’t the ultimate goal–they are merely a means to an end. 

There was a time when zero media coverage generally equated to zero impact. Now, there are many more channels to amplify a message or an image–take, for example, our blog at 350.org.  With millions of people visiting this page, an image here can reach more people than the local paper.

That’s why we don’t think the folks in Harrisburg, PA, USA should be too upset–we just received an e-mail that they were "snubbed by the press"–now the tables turn, and we are the press.  Also, without the thousands of local events, we wouldn’t have been able to tell the global story that enabled us to dominate the news cycle on the big day.  Every action counts and is part of the larger whole–it’s a beautiful mosaic that has come together.