I went back to Detroit, USA this Summer for the first time in five years and was deeply inspired by the urban gardens and entrepreneurs that are springing up across the city. Detroit's faced some tough times — there have been as many as 65,000 vacant lots in the last few years — but people across the city haven't given up hope and are getting to work maintaining and restoring their communities.

A great example of a local group that's making a difference is the Muslim American Society Youth (or MAS Youth), a group that serves young people across the Detroit area. In the last year, the group has led over 40 different activities, serving 2,000 people in 19 different communities. 

This weekend, MAS Youth got to work pulling weeds, building a watering platform, and caring for the New Leaf Community Garden in the Hamtramck neighborhood of Detroit. 

Many thanks to everyone who got to work with MAS Youth this weekend!