Matias Kalwill and David Byrne on the musician and bike activist's recent trip to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Moving Planet organizer Matias Kalwill was just interviewed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian about the events planned for his city tomorrow – here are a few excerpts, or read the whole interview here.

SFBG: What inspired you to get involved?
MK: The chance to put on a high impact action connecting bikes and sustainability. The opportunity to share a common effort with people from all over the world. Bill Mckibben’s work, wich is amazing. Previous’s events in which I participated. The idea that we could share what’s happening in Buenos Aires with the rest of the country.

SFBG: What does your city have planned for Saturday?
MK: We will be doing live art and music and conferences and personal workshops in the Plaza Luna de Enfrente, and then a ride to deliver a project proposal to representatives of the National Congress. The proposal aims to have urban cycling declared “of interest for the sustainable development of the country” by the Congress and can be read here. If eventually this project is approved by the Congress, it will become a tool for local bike advocates, politicians, and activists all over Argentina. Awesome!