Mexico, the host of this year's COP, is ready to rock on 10/10/10.  Mexico's leaders have talked a big game on climate change – they've committed voluntarily to reducing their emissions 30% before 2050, but their energy portfolio and plans have yet to show any action – 90% of their energy still comes from fossil fuels.  On 10/10/10 citizens will show the way of what a clean energy future could look like in Mexico – and they'll show what real commitment looks like for government leaders that will converge in Cancun in December. Here are just a few stats of what organizers have cooking there…

  • An event in every state in the country
  • Over 100 events nationwide
  • Events helping survivors of climate disasters this year: solar panel installations in Veracruz where Hurricane Karl just made landfall, solar light distribution in Coahuila where Hurricane Alex hit earlier this year, and a benefit concert for Veracruz citizens in Mexico City.
  • Student-led reforestations and bike rides in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez – areas of Mexico where the news is more often about drug-related violence than positive youth-led solutions to climate change.
  • Installations of solar panels in rural communities made by Mexican youth entrepreneurs.

An awesome new video:

A big high profile event in Mexico City's enormous urban forest, Chapultepec Park, with an exciting emissions-reductions commitment from the city government:

Amazing events coming in from the 50 youth leaders who participated in the 350 training a few weeks ago in Xochimilco – participants from the training are organizing reforestations, bike rides, concerts, and doing a big collection of clippings from hair salons to send to the Gulf for the oil spill clean-up: